Bolsonaro provokes Leonardo DiCaprio in the Amazon

Bolsonaro provokes Leonardo DiCaprio in the Amazon

president BrazilAnd Jair BolsonaroOn Friday, he answered in a sarcastic manner Leonardo DiCaprio On social networks, after the American actor asked young Brazilians to organize their electoral title and vote in October, believing that Amazon.

Thanks for your support Leo! It is very important that all Brazilians vote in the upcoming elections. Our people will decide whether they want to preserve our sovereignty over the Amazon or be ruled by thieves who serve foreign interests,” the president said on his Twitter account.

The far-right leader also took the opportunity to remember the Oscar winner for Best Actor for ‘Best Actor’.returnThat the picture he published in 2019 to denounce the devastating fires that were advancing in Amazon It actually corresponds to a picture from bygone years.

Bolsonarowhich advocates the exploitation of mineral resources for AmazonEven in the original reserves, the budget of environmental organizations were successively reduced, and thus responded to the appeal Di Caprio So that young Brazilians can register and vote in the presidential elections in October.

The American actor has already joined a campaign on social networks already shared by other world celebrities, such as Brazilian singer Anita, which seeks to mobilize young people to face the elections and add support against Bolsonaro.

Brazil is home to the Amazon rainforest and other ecosystems important to climate change. “What happens there matters to all of us, and the vote of young people is the key to driving change for a healthy planet,” DiCaprio said on the eve of the day.

This is not the first time Bolsonaro s Di Caprio Collide for the Amazon.

In 2019, when the largest tropical forest on Earth was hit by the worst fires in recent years, the head of state accused, without evidence, Di Caprio From funding NGOs and environmental activists who, in his opinion, are behind the ecosystem fires.

The representative denied the accusations and said he was “proud to support the groups that protect” the Amazon, which comprises about 60% of its total area in Brazilian territory.

Since Bolsonaro took power in 2019, rates of deforestation in the region have risen.

In the first quarter of this year, deforestation alerts in the Brazilian Amazon reached a new record, with 941 square kilometers of forest destroyed, according to official estimates.

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