Boxing: Canelo Alvarez and Chico Perez seek to place Mexico in a high position in the United States

Andweekend Cinco de Mayo is the most special for Mexicans living in the United States And 2022 will be so much more, okay Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez will be present at the US Federation with the goal of putting the Mexican flag on top global sport.

Saturday 7 May Las Vegas will receive a return to the ring for a boxer who has been listed as the best pound for pound on the planet, Who will look for a new belt in his group, to return to 175 pounds to face Russian Dmitry Bevol.

This is amazing Canelo’s debut will be in 2022 after a year of dreams, With a sweep of £168, he became the first Mexican to become the undisputed champion in history.

At the other end of the United States, specifically in Miami, Checo Pérez will be chasing his first win in 2022 in front of a crowd full of people not only from Mexico, but from all over Latin America.

Perez’s victory at Hard Rock Stadium could propel him into the battle for the World Drivers’ Championship, Where Charles Leclerc arrived as leader.

Hard Rock Stadium has already seen Mexico shine

merely Where the Red Bull driver will seek to make history, there is already a history of Mexican victory and that was when Canelo Alvarez beat Avni Yildirim In February 2021.

Although they are rarely seen together, Canelo and Chico form a friendship based on pride and admiration, Well, both of them were filled with mutual praise on several occasions.

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