Boxing experts criticized for Paul’s fight against Mayweather


The fight that faced One of the best boxers of the 21st century, Floyd Mayweather, against YouTuber Logan Paul, The Fight That Had A Little Sport And A Lot Of Scenes. The evening of a few days at Hard Rock Stadium caused the The wrath and wrath of many boxing experts.

The truth is that it is increasingly common for users and actors to get into a ring to participate in battles. However, in most cases, this is the biggest problem, only The goal is to They strive to make the tournament profitable Deterioration This sport.

Only with The ads he wore on his pants Floyd Mayweather made $30 million And the fighting rounds against YouTuber fitting, Logan Paul, gave him another 100 million.

“Mayweather is the smartest athlete in history”

Mayweather has a famous machine he boasts of counting his bills, and it obviously doesn’t stop working: “This is my chance for a quick burglary, In the end I am the smartestMayweather explained.

He’s the smartest athlete of all time, everything he does turns him into gold And he smells unparalleled opportunities,” says Jorge Lira, a boxing expert. Although it is clear that some Mayweather fights distort a noble art:It’s as if in the middle of Eurocopa a match is being played between bullfighters against artists”, confirms Emilio Marquigui, another boxing expert.

However, this is not new, even the greatest, Muhammad Ali, fight against Japanese fighters or martial arts expert: “It was a disaster because the Japanese did not want to take the blows and devoted himself to kicking Ali, who ended up with broken legs,” concludes Jorge Lira. In the end, the only thing that exploded in the fight was their bank accounts, especially Mayweather’s.

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