Brazil: Young man wearing tusks and horns to be the ‘human devil’

The 44-year-old started his change at a very young age. Photo: Getty

In Brazil, a young man caused a sensation on social networks, where he tattooed and underwent various plastic surgeries to become “The Devil Man”. Michel Farrow do Prado, originally from that country, their life project is to look like Lucifer.

Michel Farrow do Prado, He is a tattoo artist from Brazil, who has beautified his body since he was 19 and is now 45, confirmed that all body modifications were done of his own volition.

Among the most notable modifications, of course, There is a tattoo in the style of “blackout”It covers the entire body of a man born in black Brazil; In addition, he put fangs and implants under the skin and some horns, in order to achieve his goal, to be the “human devil.”

  • Among his operations are silver fangs and he looks great on his Instagram social network.

One of the most extreme mods He was to pull his finger from his hand, to fulfill his personal project to be the “Devil Man”.. The ears were also removed and his tongue was operated on to make it split open (like a snake) and to remove part of the nose.

  • Michel Farrow emphasized that the most difficult thing is the pain after the operation because it is very severe.

The Brazilian is not unique in doing this kind of body modification either, the young man named “The Black Alien Projet”, radically changed his body.

Anthony loverdo, of French origin, started his project about eight years ago, and has also become very important on social networks.

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