Pakistan Press Agency demands removal of statue of Castro and “Che” in the face of conflict in Cuba; Morena and BT defend them

Pakistan Press Agency demands removal of statue of Castro and “Che” in the face of conflict in Cuba;  Morena and BT defend them

While PAN wants a file Fidel Castro statues and the Che Guevara Living in the Tapcalera neighborhood of Mexico City (CDMX), Morena and PT want them to stay.

Discussion about withdrawing or not withdrawing numbers Castro Yeah “chiDerived from the protests in CubaWhich arrived on Wednesday in the city of Zocalo, the capital.

America Rangel, a representative from Mexico City, noted that since last year the National Action Party has made a point of agreement on the removal of the statues, “Because the two characters were human rights violators, they are responsible for the misery in which the Cuban people live.”

Diego Garrido, also a local legislator with the National Action Party, stated that the reasons for removing the numbers are very clear: “The system they set up on an island Cuba It has caused thousands of deaths, suppressed, and violated liberties, and the gag law; They have their people in abject poverty, in miserable conditions.”

“Hundreds of people flee the island every year, so it is ridiculous to have statues commemorating these figures,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Gabriela Salido, who is also a member of PAN, suggested that consultations take place to decide whether to stay or not. Fidel Castro and the Che Guevara in Mexico City.

For her part, Circe Camacho, coordinator of the PT’s seat body, noted that the figures should remain, because both figures “struggled for the cause of social justice to improve the living conditions of Cubans.”

He highlighted Castro’s work on marginalized populations in different countries, by sending Cuban doctors; Therefore, he said, “I don’t understand why this might be controversial, and why the statue should be removed due to the protests currently underway in Cuba.”

Carlos Cervantes, Morena’s elected deputy, considered the key thing to be understanding the origin of the mass protests in Cuba: the historic blockade imposed by the United States on the island.

“I think a statue Fidel s chi They do not bother you at all: they are part of the history of the left in Latin America, they are a model of resistance, struggle and above all solidarity. I don’t understand the law of the common people, maybe they want a statue of Hitler or someone more suited to their philosophy.”

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