One of the biggest cinematic successes of 2021, Sing 2, which has become even the highest-grossing animation of the post-pandemic era with revenues of over $240 million as of Sunday, July 23, can now be watched online.

The movie is now available for rental in digital stores such as iTunes / Apple TV (click here) s Amazon (click here), in select markets, at $24.99. That’s roughly the value of two movie tickets in the US.

To watch Sing 2 movie online for free, on any streaming platform, you will have to wait some time.

Sing 2 became a real hit with an emotional, simple but well done story and an excellent soundtrack. With the Buster personality that made New Moon Theater a local success, he intended to perform at the Crystal Tower Theater in the glamorous Redshore City, sort of Las Vegas.

But with no connections in the show business world, Buster and his team infiltrated Crystal Entertainment’s offices, to get their manager’s attention, which they finally do.

Sing 2 combines dozens of classic rock and pop songs, thrilling performances, amazing art, and loads of humor. The animated production features the voices of Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Pharrell Williams, Bono, and many more.

How to watch Sing 2 movie online?

Initially, the only options at the moment are to rent them from digital stores in select markets. Here are two possibilities.

Apple TV Plus / iTunes

When do you watch it online in broadcast?

Like Published in®Following its cinematic move, the film can be streamed on Peacock in the US, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, since Universal has signed an agreement for all of the company’s films to move to its own platform starting in 2022, 45 days after theatrical release.

But Sing 2 premiered in 2021, just days before the new year arrives.

Amazon Prime Video has signed a multi-year deal for the broadcast rights to Universal movies. But, here too, the alliance takes effect from the films of 2022.

Between Peacock and Amazon Prime Video they will share the transmission. Within four months of their theatrical release date, Universal Movies will begin broadcasting on Peacock. After four months, they’ll switch to Prime Video for 10 months, and then the movies back to Peacock for at least another four months.

But Netflix is ​​currently streaming international animated films from Illumination and DreamWorks. Starting in 2022, Netflix will still be able to stream animated releases from the studio during the 10-month payment window not on Peacock. Like many other titles, including Spider-Man 3 No Way Home, knowing where and when to air is a mystery (for now).

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