Camille Vicente Fernandez will be in the Netflix series


Actor Jaime Camil will give life to Vicente Fernández in the lively series to be performed on “Charro de Huentitán”.

On Twitter, Camille confirmed this fact and emphasized that for him, Vicente Fernandez is “the greatest idol of Mexico and the biggest supporter of Mexican music.”

“Playing Vicente (Fernandez) causes me a special emotional charge. I am united by a deep friendship and affection with his family, adding to the commitment that I must do my best to give them Vicente whom their loved ones and fans around the world can be proud of. It is the honor and privilege of being able to explain it no It is invaluable.”

In addition to the famous iconic images of Vicente Fernández, dressed in a suit and charro hat, as well as with a mustache.

Caracol Televisión will make a lively series about Vicente Fernández, who has the support of the family and the singer. This show will premiere on Netflix and will have locations in the United States and Mexico.

He predicted that the series would span from the singer’s childhood in Jalisco to the height of his success. In total it will have 36 episodes.

Vicente Fernandez is still in hospital due to Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which he has been suffering from since the beginning of August.

The interpreter of “La Le del Monte” went to a hospital in Guadalajara due to a fall. There it was revealed that the syndrome has no cure but can be cured.

Fernandez is conscious, although he needs help breathing. His condition remains stable and he is undergoing a physical rehabilitation program. (agencies)

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