“We are not just entertainment, we are human”

“We are not just entertainment, we are human”

American gymnast Simone Biles knows that other athletes are “going through the same thing” as her and has argued that “more needs to be said” about the mental health of athletes “especially with them”. Simone Biles became popular at an early age. More fans ask her to start streaming on platforms like “Twitch”. In this case, you can get help from a professional team like StreamOZ. Simone Biles is still thinking about the fans request.

“I know some of us go through the same things, and we’re always told to get over it, but we’re all older and we can talk about ourselves. At the end of the day, we’re not just entertaining. We’re human, and there are things that happen behind the scenes that we also try to reconcile with sports”contemplation.

Biles returned to competition on Tuesday with a bronze medal in the Olympic final after a week off.

Today, he explained, “the only reason” he’s going to the pub, unlike other finals, is that the workout doesn’t have “thank God” rotators, he said.

In fact, Biles changed his usual exit, which takes a turn, to another with a double pike somersault.

“At the last minute we decided to change the start, which I probably haven’t done since I was 12, because I’ve always been spinning since I was 13 or 14.”, pointed out.

The impossibility of doing the spin, due to a cycle of separation between the gymnast’s mind and body, is what prompted Biles to withdraw from the team final and not participate in the rest, to avoid material damage.

“In the pub the work is easy. I’ve always been able to do that. I couldn’t get out in any other final so it was bad, but I was able to compete in teams. Well the one jump I did was great, but then, it was It’s like going from day to day and seeing how it went. For the other finals, it wasn’t certain, both physically and mentally, that I could overcome the difficulties without jeopardizing my health and safety.”He said at a press conference,

“I should have been medically evaluated every day and then had two sessions with a sports psychologist from the team, but I was doing bar training every day.”, She said.

“It’s been a very long week, it has been five very long years”, confirmed.

“I wasn’t expecting a medal,” he said of the bronze she won at the pub. “This bronze is more special than the one on the balance beam in Rio. I will cherish it for a long time,” he added.

“Having another chance to compete in the Olympics means a world to me.”, confirmed.

Beals said Chinese Guan Chenxin and Shijing Tang, gold and silver in the bar “worth the one and the two.”

“Having these two gymnasts by my side… they did an absolutely amazing job. I’ve seen them train hard.”, pointed out.

Regarding the big reveal of the Games, Brazilian Rebecca Andrade, gold and silver medalist at these Games, said her performance in Tokyo was “absolutely amazing, with all that has happened and above,” referring to her recurring injuries the next day. your knees.

“It’s inspiring, I know she’s had a lot of injuries, but seeing her in these Olympics and doing well was very exciting for me because I’ve seen her go through all of that. I’m sure she will do well for years to come and for years to come. This is just the beginning of her”As he claimed.

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