CDMX outperforms Tokyo and New York in vaccination against COVID-19


The metropolitan government assumed that as of 3 October, Mexico City It was among the cities with the highest vaccination coverage against COVID-19This made it superior to cities such as ParisAnd New York And Such as.

According to the authority’s databases, the city, as of Sunday, October 3, ranked third in the list of nine capitals in applying at least one dose of vaccines.

On that date, the capital reported 98.7 percent coverage in the above single-dose vaccination ParisAnd Francewhich scored 97.8 percent and ranked fourth; in fifth place, MadridAnd Spain89.5 percent; in the sixth LondonAnd United kingdomby 84.9 percent; in seventh place, New YorkAnd Iby 83.1 percent; at eight Angelsby 80.4 percent; In ninth place, Such asAnd Japanby 76.3 percent.

In the first place it was located Sao PauloAnd Brazil, with an immunization coverage of 99.2% with a single dose, a second, BeijingAnd Chinaby 99 percent.

Regarding the progression of vaccination with a complete system, Mexico City It reported for the same date a coverage of 73.4 percent, which, according to the authority, put it above cities like Angels, which scored 70 percent, and Such asAnd Japanby 69.6 percent.

Meanwhile, the cities that made the most progress were in the full scheme BeijingAnd China, 95 percent; London, 79.2 percent; the new, by 75.2 percent, and Madridby 75 percent.

Achievement by teamwork

High rates of vaccination coverage against COVID-19 employment Mexico City The head of government said it was the result of a collective action and responsibilities were not delegated, Claudia Sheinbaum.

I’m very proud vaccination program The city, which was recognized not only at the national level, but also at the international level. Even with characters designed by our teammates Bella Bridge.

“We all went out for vaccinations. Environment Secretary He has the responsibility of the vaccination center. In the same way, the companion in Central de Abasto, due to its proximity to the vaccination point, is her responsibility that the vaccination is done well.

“The whole government was involved in vaccination. We have all been involved in one way or another in the process; It’s different than delegating, for the governor, and the governor to decide, “Okay, that’s what it is” Minister of Health“,” he pointed out at a conference.

The president also acknowledged the participation of servants city ​​government, as well as supporting federal institutions such as defense ministerAnd MarinaAnd National Guard, The IMSS and the I asst.

“We’re assuming it’s a collective responsibility, not a CFD and there – let’s see Minister of Health How to make the vaccination go well—; Here we already assume, from the beginning pandemicIt was a collective responsibility.

Eduardo Clarkboss Digital Agency for Public Innovation, argued that the success of vaccination was due in part to the fact that public officials put the citizen at the center of the immunization plan.

He also thanked citizens for their cooperation in keeping their appointments and understanding the importance of science and vaccinations.

“I think all the people in this business number about 15,000 employees of all government orders; we think that putting the citizen at the center, we had a vaccination that what we were looking at was serving the citizens and not that they felt we were doing them a favor, encouraging Everyone gets it. They get vaccinated and they understand that we will only come out of the epidemic if we do our part on both sides.”

Clark He considered that unlike in many cities of the world, anti-vaccine theories in the capital had no effect because its sympathizers made up a small group.

Meanwhile, the Pan American Health Organization warned that in Mexico 99 percent prevail delta variable And this winter, there is a “risk of reactivation of cases” due to SARS-CoV-2 and new emerging variants.

Sylvain DeguerreIncident Manager COVID-19 from OPSHe stressed that “the winter season has led to an increase in viral diseases, such as influenza, so there is a risk of reactivating cases, in addition to coinciding with the end of the year celebrations in which there is greater mobility and a greater risk of transmission.”

He admitted that “the number of deaths has been steadily declining over the past four weeks in Mexico“.

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