Haiti to return ‘hundreds of thousands’ of nearly expiring Covid vaccines, donated by the United States


The The Haitian authorities will returnn “hundreds of thousands” of Vaccines are about to expire in United StateThe country that donated them, while still recording one of the lowest vaccination numbers in the world, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), less than 10 percent.

After the Haitian decision, the COVAX . mechanism, confirmed this Wednesday that the returned doses will be allocated elsewhere to “reduce any potential waste,” according to Bloomberg.

According to the Haitian authorities, the refund will be in exchange for vaccines that expire until next year, So that management – immersed in a political crisis – he can determine the best way to immunize citizens, which he has not achieved at the moment, which brings together “Le Nouvelliste”.

in july, The United States donated to the Caribbean nation Half a million doses of Moderna’s vaccine are delivered through COVAX, of which less than 66,800 have been administered, according to Haiti’s Ministry of Health. In total, only 20,354 people out of a population of 11.4 million have completed their vaccination programme, while more than 22,700 have become infected and nearly 650 have died of the disease.

A study on coronavirus revealed that 87 percent of the population knew of no confirmed case of COVID-19, and far fewer people died as a result of complications related to this infection.” Epidemic Management Committee, Jean-William Pappe.

Haitians believe what they see, he added, justifying the country’s low vaccination rate.


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