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The movie opens today! in the heights (En el barrio), which tells the stories of the Hispanic community making life in the United States, from the perspective of those who live in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood.

A story in which the Puerto Rican film producer and author of Hamilton – one of Broadway’s most famous musicals – Lin-Manuel Miranda, director John M Choo and film producer Chiara Allegria Hodes collaborated with the rest of the production team and cast to bring the film version of the Miranda and Hudes musical to the big screen.

Film critics’ rating is positive, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it an approval rate of 96%, and critics such as Danny Leigh of the Financial Times assure that it is a movie worth watching, as films of this genre are rarely made.

Society copes with problems uniformly

National talent

Panamanian actress Daphne Ruben Vega plays Daniela, who runs a beauty salon in the neighbourhood.

Rubin-Vega describes her character as an authentic woman who is not afraid to say things the way you see and perceive them, and who is not afraid of what other people think or say about her.

“She has a great appetite for life and, above all, a lot of security and self-confidence,” she said.

The translator also highlighted this in the heights It celebrates life within a community facing the hardships and trials of immigrants in Washington Heights, and features a predominantly Latin American expatriate population.

Panama in the heart of Daphne Robin Vega

Born in Panama to Panamanian parents, Robin Vega has always maintained a presence in Panama, while developing her life and artistic career in the United States. “My mom always told me, ‘Never forget that you are my son,'” she said. For this reason, he also seeks to pass on the language and customs to his son, so that he will feel proud of his roots.

“The film also shows how we as a society support each other in facing the situations and challenges that occur in life,” he added.

For Rubin-Vega, it’s great to be able to play Daniela, a woman who passionately supports and advocates for society, while committing to life despite the obstacles that may arise.

On the other hand, the actress said that the hero of the film, performed by Anthony Ramos, is “love” for his multiple talents in dancing and singing that contribute to a unique character in the story, which is not usually seen in traditional cinema. .

In The Heights promises to wow everyone with a good choreography and soundtrack that will bring the elements of this movie to life.

Celebrating diversity
Robin Vega (right) is part of “In The Heights”. politeness

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