Fast Retailing works with UNHCR to stem the spread of Covid-19 – World Water Day –


Such as-Fast Retailing said Thursday that it will celebrate World Refugee Day on June 20 by donating an additional 2 million units of its Airism masks (the company donated 1 million masks earlier this year) to help combat the spread of COVID-19. In the world. peoples. He will also make a cash donation of $100,000 to UNHCR. The organization will use the funds to respond to the coronavirus pandemic through essential support and services, including helping refugee children denied education opportunities due to COVID-19.

The latest masks donated by Fast Retailing will be distributed to displaced people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Myanmar and Pakistan. The company earlier donated service to the countries of South America and the Middle East. The cash donation will help children commute to school, help construct and repair school buildings and latrines, and allow the purchase of textbooks and other much-needed educational materials.

Tadashi Yanai, President and CEO of Fast Retailing, was quoted in a statement as saying: “The covid-19 pandemic highlights why businesses should draw on all resources to support the community in times of need. Through our longstanding partnership with UNHCR, Fast Retailing recognizes that Refugees are among the world’s most vulnerable people, so we take on our responsibility to continue to help. As a global company, we have turned to our main strength, clothing, to make this donation of AIRism masks possible. Along with our previous donations, we would like to provide three million items of human health safety and protecting refugees as they rebuild their lives.”

Fast Retailing has been supporting refugees through donations to UNHCR for ten years. To celebrate this achievement, Uniqlo recently produced a short film showing the journey of the donated clothing from a girl living in Japan to a girl in Uganda. The film, “Closer, Through Our Clothes” was awarded the “Short Brand of the Year” award at the Asia Short Film Festival 2021, which took place on Wednesday.

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