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Throughout the second season ofSelena, the seriesWe’ve seen that the Tex-Mex queen has met many personalities in Mexican music and entertainment. One of the artists who was briefly represented is Gloria Estefan and according to a Netflix production, both singers met during the Grammy party in 1993.

The artists’ meeting appears in Chapter 6 of the second installment, so this raised some suspicion among fans of both singers who had the chance to be at the Latin Music Awards that year, so a set of questions were fired on Twitter. .

Fortunately, especially Gloria Estefan He read all the inquiries made to him about this moment and did not hesitate to resolve these unknowns. Here we tell you how the first meeting was between Selena Quintanilla The Cuban singer.

Selena and Gloria Estefan meet as per the Netflix series (Image: Netflix)

The first time he met Selena Quintanilla and Gloria Estefan

In episode 6 of the showthe most beautiful”, Meets Selena Quintanilla Gloria Estefan (played by Gloria Bullock) at the 1993 Grammy Awards. While they were both present that night in real life, the real story when the women first met was a little different.

Gloria Estefan took to Twitter Thursday to contribute to the memory of a fan she and the Tex-Mex queen met in 1992 at Premio Lo Nuestro, an award gala presented by Univision in honor of Latin music artists.

“I’ve been a huge fan of GloriaEstefan since my childhood, and I’ve always known that Selena and Gloria really first met during the Lo Nuestro Awards in 1992. Can you confirm Gloria?” fan.

“Absolutely!” Stephen replied.

In the Twitter thread, you can see a photo of Selena Quintanilla and Gloria Estefan together at their first meeting during Premio Lo Nuestro Night in 1992.

Selena and Gloria Estefan met in 1992 and not 1993 as depicted in the Netflix series (Image: Twitter)
Selena and Gloria Estefan met in 1992 and not 1993 as depicted in the Netflix series (Image: Twitter)

Selena: Series It wasn’t too far from reality. As seen from the series, the two women were present at the 1993 Grammy Awards. That night, Selena Quintanilla came home for the first time and took home her only Grammy award. Neighborhood !, which won Best Mexican-American Album. Estefan, in turn, won Best Tropical Latin Album for my ground.

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