Channing Tatum and shocked by the canceled Gambit

Channing Tatum and shocked by the canceled Gambit

Restart failed The Fantastic Four The project ended up being buried.

In 2016, a mutant movie premiere is planned maneuvera project that was never undertaken and that left the protagonist traumatized, Channing Tatum.

It first appeared in X-Men Inception: WolverineAnd maneuver I aimed to have a solo project. Unlike the Wolverine bar where Taylor Kitsch Playing a character with the ability to throw things with kinetic energy, Fox chose Channing Tatum for the role of what would be a great project.

The choice of the actor and that of the maneuver was the character of the tape Fans of Marvel Comics are thrilled Especially from the X-Men. Unfortunately, the Fox by Disney purchase delayed the movie until It is eventually canceled.

Several years after this film project failed, Tatum spoke to Variety about the cancellation and how it ended up affecting him.

“As soon as I left the maneuver, I was shocked. (…) I turned off my Marvel device. I could not watch any movies,” the actor adds.

Protagonist of films like 21 Jump Street, Jupiter Ascendant s Magic Mike XXL He commented how the studio did not believe in who was working on the film.

“The studio really didn’t want us to do that. They wanted everyone but us, basically, because we didn’t direct anything.”

Already in 2019 the person who will be the manager maneuverRobert White announces the postponement of the film’s release Restart failed The Fantastic FourAt the same time, the initial budget allocated to it has been significantly reduced.

The Gambit was intended to have Deadpool-style humor, showing the character in its early days.

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