Maria Felix. This is what it looked like in a 1954 French movie

Maria Felix.  This is what it looked like in a 1954 French movie

In 1954 the actress Maria Felix starred in the French movie “French Cancan” It breathes life into the dancing character of “Lola Castro” who captivates the viewers’ eyes, When you wear a glamorous beauty and a wardrobe with few clothes Highlighting her traits, like few others, “La Dona” shone in front of the cameras.

Actress Maria Felix was perhaps one of the women who made history in Mexico She was an inspiration for her beauty and personality in Europe and the United States s Definitely, Mexico. In addition to working with great characters on the Cine de Oro such as Pedro Infante, Dolores del Río and Pedro Armendáriz.

However, the time she spent in Europe left an imprint that is hard to forget, as she was a woman of remarkable beauty and unparalleled poise. I converted it to A fashion icon in countries like France and Italy.

It suffices that he remembers his walk in the streets of Venice in August 1959, where… Actress Maria Felix becomes photographer Emilio Ronchini’s museShe wore an elegant white Cartier dress and snake bracelet.

Maria Felix in “French Cancan”

At the age of 40, Maria Felix played a character inspired by a ballerina Arabic dance attracts everyone’s attention with its perfect face and small waist. Not to mention her daring wardrobe that prompted her to show off her skin more than she was in front of the cameras.

the film French KankanIt was a musical A French story written and directed by Jean Renoir in 1954. The story is about a man who owns a theater where “Lola de Castro” (Maria Felix) performs. However, the business is in jeopardy due to the lack of spectators, so he decides to try an ancient dance: the caddy.

before successFrench Kankan” in France, Maria Felix entered Italian cinema He participated in the movie “Mesalina” (1951), one of the most expensive works of art at the time, and based on the life of the Roman emperor. Later He was in Argentina and then traveled to France For the filming of “La Belle Otero” in 1953.


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