Transgender Actress Talisa Garcia Joins Willow

Transgender Actress Talisa Garcia Joins Willow

Lucasfilm and Disney They announced that they chose Actress Talisa Garcia, transgender performerTo be one of the protagonists of his series willow. production that arrives Disney +It will be a sequel to the fantasy film written by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard, one of the most emblematic and beloved films of the 1980s. It is one of the great projects of the streaming platform, which took many years to develop.

Talissa Garcia to be queen in a new series of willow

Talisa García, a British actress of Chilean origin, has been chosen by Lucasfilm and Disney to play a character in willow. according to Limitthe actress will play the role of the queen, which could be Mother of Tony Revolorithe actor who was one of the greatest heroes Spider Man With Tom Holland. Garcia, who may have very little screen time in this sequel willowmade headlines over her status as a transgender actress, a fact that comes just as Disney has been embroiled in a bitter controversy about The company’s position on the entertainment entity on the anti-gay and transgender laws adopted in FloridaUnited State.

Garcia is an actress with a great career, and from her participation in series such as friendly experience And the British Baptiste-Prove strong credentials. As they indicate in Limitbe the The first transgender person working for Lucasfilmalthough in recent months the House of the Mouse appears to be more open to this type of recruitment and aspects of non-normative identities and inclusion after raising the dust.

García has participated in series such as The Girlfriend Experience; She is the first trans actress signed by Lucasfilm

We remind you of that sequel to willow It will take place after the events recounted in the 1988 movie Ron HowardWith Warwick Davis Back to playing the title role. In the cast that has been confirmed so far, we discover the new members of the story, Elle Bamber, Kylie Spani, and Erin Kellyman, who will embark on an adventure to rescue a kidnapped prince. We will be told of Dove’s avatar (Bamber), whose story is meant to be similar to that of willow in the original movie. It’s one cleaner Modest who becomes the heroine of the story when you prove it “the chosen”. And with her we discover Kate (Spinney), the Prince’s twin sister; Jade (Keleman) is in turn best friend and ‘moral compass’ from Kate.

willowAt the moment, there is no release date on Disney+.

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