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5000m world record holder Joshua Cheptegei ended the Ugandan strategy with an indisputable victory in the Olympic final, crushing with the help of teammate Jacob Kiplemo of Spain Mohamed Kater, who caused a sensation due to his records in 1500, 3000 and 5000m and the rest applicants.

Cheptegei’s last change, at a distance of 500 meters, left his main opponents legless, who did not reach the enemy with the freshness of legs needed to snatch glory.

Cheptegei, who was a 10,000th runner-up on the first day of athletics, won with a time of 12:58.15 ahead of Canadian Mohamed Ahmed (12:58.61) and Kenyan-American Paul Chelemo (12:58:15) 59.05, while Kiplemo paid for his effort. With fifth place, Cater finished his hook in eighth place with 13: 06.60.

Uganda thus claimed its first Olympic gold in athletics, in the race to seek a successor to Britain’s Mo Farah, winner of the past two tournaments.

Before arriving in Tokyo, 20-year-old Kiplemo had not lost 5000 on the track since the 2018 U-20 World Cup.

On the list of nominees, along with the Ugandans, this time featured Spaniard Mohamed Kater, sensation of the year, who in a glorious season won three Diamond League races and swept Spain records in 1500, 3000 and 5000 metres.

In the 5000 final, his only event, Murcian was with less loaded legs than the other competitors, and in the Florence race, best of the year, he finished fourth with a score of 12:50.79, two places ahead of Cheptegei. The winner, Jacob Ingbrigtsen, picked the 1500 in Tokyo.

Cheptegei determined his speed from the shot, alternating with Kiplimo to reach the first millennium in 2:38.00. The second (5:14.10) still didn’t break the pack, nor did the third (7:55.25), at 62 seconds per lap.

Three laps from the finish Kimeli came out on top, along with Chelimo, who caused a nine-lap cut to negotiate the last 800 metres. Cheptegei’s draw in the 500 ended with Katir dropping, who already had enough, inch by inch left, and ended with an undeniable victory. EFE

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