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*Only the College of Medicine in Tapachula to receive this recognition from COMAEM

by Lionel Mejia Alfaro.

Tapachula, Chiapas; April 2022. – The ceremony of handing over the accreditation plaque took place in front of the Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education (COMAEM) of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Soconusco, in the City Theater.

With this accreditation, it places the institution with the highest quality standards in education at the international level, since the university began 25 years ago, with the aim of offering quality education, today we are pleased to be the only school in Tapachula, that has international accreditation, stated Sergio Cruz Agustín Maldonado, President Sokonosco University.

Since 2020, the school has joined the Mexican Association of Schools and Medical Colleges (AMFEM) and in 2021 the accreditation process has begun before the Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education (COMAEM), according to Raul Hernandez. from Sokonosco University School of Medicine.

Today we solemnly celebrate the collaboration and training of many years throughout the history of the university, of all the people who have made valuable and timely contributions, and this accreditation is not an access point or a goal, on the contrary, a great commitment and Hernandez Gutierrez pointed out the enormous challenge, we bear the enormous responsibility of Its improving every day.

In the country there are 168 medical universities of which only 58 are internationally accredited, including the University of Sokonosco, and this leads us to have a great motivation to work and not only this level, but to reach more levels for the benefit of society, a goal that Agustín Maldonado has finished.

The ceremony program was attended by Sergio Agustín Cruz Maldonado, Rector of the University of Soconusco, Herminia González Córdoba, Rector of the University, Juan Guadalupe Hernández, Executive Technical Secretary of COMAEM, Eunice de Leon Morales, General Academic Director of the University, Eduardo Medina Oliveira, Sir. Municipal Health Representative for the Mayor of Tapachula.


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