Chihuahua: Most popular in Mexico, but not in the world

The study of favorite dogs in every country used Google search data. | Image: Home Quotes.

You have Chihuahua dog a pet? , Then you have a file The most popular dog in MexicoAccording to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, which was responsible for revealing what it is Favorite dog breed In every country in the world.

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From using Google search data, Home quotes, Home Solutions Site, managed to find The most wanted race in all countries of the Earth, And that L.Chihuahua dogs were the favorites of Mexicans.

However Chihuahuas are the most desirable dog breed in MexicoNot like that in the world. According to the data analysis, Every country has a favorite breed of dogSome of the most famous dogs in the north of the American continent are:

  • Canada – Golden Retriever
  • United States – Australian Shepherd
  • Mexico – Chihuahua
  • Guatemala – Pug
  • Pelis – Chow Chow
  • El Salvador – Rottweiler
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At the same time South America Some Most wanted dogs:

  • Ecuador – Rottweiler
  • Argentina – Paul Terrier
  • Uruguay – Border Collie
  • Chile – Pug
  • Guyana – Golden Retriever
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In the case of Europe, The for everysYou are Favorite in Europe They are Border Collie and Cane Corso, although the inhabitants of Gibraltar, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Armenia are Rottweilers, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Italy, and Greece Golden Retrievers.

In countries like United Kingdom, the most popular tenderloin It is a Cockapoo, in France the Australian Shepherd, in Russia the Doberman and in Maltese Poland.

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In the Middle East , Reviewed by dog They range from Rottweiler, Shepherd, Dobermann, and Golden Retriever.

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In Asia Favorite dog breeds They are Shin Tzu and Shiba Inu, and in Oceania Border Collies, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers.

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However, andOn the African continent, a favorite dog It is mostly Rottweiler and German Shepherd. However, one of the highly sought-after breeds is the Boerboel.

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