Chucky was drowning. Jesse fought 34 minutes and brought him out alive. The dog’s moment remains in the video


Jesse has been adopted on several occasions because her previous owners have argued that she was not compatible with other dogs. He just saved the life of his partner, Chucky.

Mexico City, April 21 (however). – An animated video went viral in the last hours because it recorded an instant One dog rescues another from drowning in a pondAfter a fight that lasted more than half an hour. The accident happened in Johannesburg, South Africa.

That day, Byron Thanarin and his wife Melissa couldn’t understand why ChuckyPomeranian, he has a wet head.

Byron had a theory that he could have been in the pool, but he turned it down because his pets don’t enter it without supervision.

“We tried to find clues as to where he might have wet his head. We thought he might have dipped his head in the water, but there was no clutter in the house to support this suggestion,” said the homeowner dog To TimesLIVE broker.

After no reason was found, they checked the cameras and found out what happened: Chucky He accidentally fell into the pool and was unable to get outside, despite the fact that Jesse, his dog companion Stanfordshire, help him.

More than half an hour passed, as terrified Chucky swam from end to end in the pool, until Jesse managed to take him by his ear again and grab him with his front legs to get him out of the water, as can be seen in the video.

“It was heartbreaking to watch. We’re still having a hard time watching this video today, just thinking about what would have happened if Jesse wasn’t there.”

The man explained that during the five years he spent in that house, nothing similar had happened to them.

“Our dogs know how to swim but they always swim with us, not when we’re not with them. They also know where the pool steps are.”

After the accident, he will put a cover for the swimming pool: “It never occurred to us before that we would need one, but since this accident we have seen how important it is to have a cover.”

Byron is grateful to Jesse, who already has three adoptions because she was twice returned to the Animal Welfare Society.

“He’s our best dog (…) They said he was not compatible with their other dogs, but we did not test him. He said in the same interview with the South African media:” He got along well with our other dogs from the start.

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