Don’t cross Russia’s “red line” or you will regret – El Financiero


President Vladimir Putin warned the rival countries not to cross Russia’s “red line” In their actions or they will face a harsh response.

“Those who carry out any provocation that threatens the main elements of our security They will regret anything more in a long timePutin said in his annual State of the Nation address on Wednesday.

He stressed that “Russia’s response will be asymmetric, swift and difficult.”

The Russian president did not mention any specific country, saying that Russia will decide where its red lines are. Case after issue. He renewed the offer to hold talks with other world powers to increase strategic stability, after highlighting the new Russian nuclear weapons.

The ruble rose against the dollar at the end of the speech, which some observers had feared might include new confrontational moves in foreign policy. President Joe Biden and Putin are discussing a US offer to hold a summit even after the US president imposes a series of new sanctions on Russia, including measures targeting sovereign debt.

With parliamentary elections scheduled for September, Putin has devoted most of his speech to domestic issues, promising higher government benefits and more infrastructure spending to boost the poor standard of living.

Putin, who said criticism of Russia had become a “new form of sport”, referred to an alleged coup attempt in Belarus that included a plot to assassinate Kremlin ally Alexander Lukashenko, which Russia says was drawn up in consultation with the United States. States. Washington denies involvement.

Putin said: “The practice of organizing political coups and assassinations, including those targeting high-ranking officials, goes too far.” “They have crossed all limits.”

Putin spoke during the crackdown on opposition protests calling for the release of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. The opposition leader’s increasingly critical health has become the latest collision point with the West amid concern from the United States and Europe over the unprecedented build-up of Russian forces on Ukraine’s borders.

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