The death of a 34-year-old woman after dyeing her hair; Donate its organs


Brazil: Prof.You are the hair It is usually a very daily procedure for women and men. However, in rare cases, it can have consequences such as the death.

Karen De Oliveira Souza, A 34-year-old Brazilian woman who died three days after contracting rAllergic reaction to the components of the dye, Participated by the Brazilian channel Journal da Record.

Witnesses reported that barely a few minutes had passed since then Dye application When Karen began to feel discomfort and tingling in her hands, she requested that the mixture be removed immediately. By this time, the reaction was already on, and although they tried to help her, they had to call an ambulance.

The salon staff stated that they knew the client, as she frequently showed up for other services. Which – which It was his first stain with them.

Negligence or accident? Debate about death

Authorities are investigating the case as a fatal accident, as there are indications that the victim was negligent in not reporting her allergies.

A close friend of the victim told Brazilian UOL media that Karen was aware of this allergy, months ago she had been suffering from a condition that triggered an asthma attack.

Also They analyze the dye to determine if it contains the type of ingredient that worsened the reaction.

Medics who came to help her described that, at the time of her arrival at the scene, the victim was unconscious, with dilated pupils and no pulse, in addition to the appearance of cyanosis, (that is, when the skin acquires a purple color due to its lack of oxygen).

Fatal outcome

Ultimately Karen was admitted to intensive care and treated for cardiac arrest. After three days in the intensive care unit, he had a brain death.

Relatives decided Donate your organs, They were transferred to the central state center for notification, collection and distribution of organs in Goiás.

The incident sparked warnings about the importance of sharing allergies and checking ingredients in beauty products.

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