Clothes in Qatar, this is how Qataris wear

Clothes in Qatar, this is how Qataris wear
Clothes in Qatar, this is how Qataris wear
Learn what clothes look like in Qatar and how to wear them. | Photo: Getty Images.

Are you going to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Or do you just want to know How does a person from this part of the world dressit interests you, because we tell you here How diagonal dress?

Country clothes: what are the basic clothes?

According to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Organizing and Legacy Committee, these are Basic clothes worn by Qataris.


The dress also ThawB It is the Arab clothing that consists of a kind of tunica Ankle length, usually long sleeves. This garment is commonly worn in East Africa, Iraq, and in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East.

Sometimes it can be carried with what is known as Bisht Which looks like a layer above dress.

The the dress It is usually worn at ceremonies or by chiefs and can signify the status of wealth or royalty, and even religious dignity.

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The dormant part of traditional arabic dressWhich symbolizes dignity and self-respect.

When used alone, The dormant can be any colorHowever, when worn under another garment it should be completely white.

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The GhutraAvailable in different colors and made of cotton in square shape. Today it is a sign of national pride.

It is worn by men for the desert sun, although it is also useful for defense against sandstorms for the eyes and face.

In the case of white, it helps reflect the heat of the sun and keep the body cool, while covering the entire neck and face, helping to prevent sunburn. As well as to protect against sudden drop in temperature during the night.

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it’s a An accessory generally used by men in different Arab countries. It is a black wire arranged in a coil double bow on GhutraAnd the The traditional headscarf used to cover the head to support and hold it in place.

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Arab clothes

Islam sets standards of modesty for men and women. For men, the minimum amount to be covered is between the navel and the knee, and the clothing should also be loose enough to cover the body appropriately.

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