He found a wedding ring, gave it to his owner and received an unprecedented response

He found a wedding ring, gave it to his owner and received an unprecedented response

Not all stories have a happy ending, especially if they carry a harsh memory with them. Steve Andrews is disappointed when he expects a dream to come to an end after finding a strange object that was apparently missing.

The man was a metal detector and in one of his expeditions he found a metal detector Engagement Ring Among the waves, he decided to look for his owner to give it to him, without imagining that they would give him an answer that stunned him.

It all happened on the island of Jersey earlier this year. The man was excited to be able to sparkle someone’s life by finding a precious item, so he posted a photo of the ring to the Jersey Lost Ring Metal Detecting group on Facebook with the goal of spreading it widely and thus being able to locate the ring. Her.

“The wedding ring is far away in St Aubinz’s Bay. It was flagged in 1989, so it’s probably been around for 33 years. I know Long Distance” read the description of his message, while also showing a picture of the sign of alliance, which was a traditional gold ribbon.

Photo: @ jersey.relic.metal.detecting / Instagram

Andrews waited several months for an answer, while users of the social network endlessly shared the story, also hoping that the mystery of love would find the missing piece. In September, a woman apparently called Steve, the owner of the ring, and asked him to return it to sea because she “didn’t want to see him again.”

Behind the sharp comment of the stranger is a hidden complex story. The owner threw her wedding ring into the ocean after a “stormy divorce” and wanted it to stay there forever. Finding him with his metal detector, Andrews did not imagine that he would find such a tale, because he regularly makes the people to whom he presents lost things happy.

But since this was not the occasion, he assured in his own post that he would return the Ring to the sea as soon as he was there again.

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A happier story about a metal detector

The man was accustomed to various and unpleasant tales, such as the one in which he also found a wedding ring from a man who had lost it on his honeymoon. Richard and Ann Witter, of Bristol, were on the island of Jersey two days after their wedding and went swimming in the sea.

“When we got out of the water, I instinctively grabbed my phone, wallet and shoes, and completely forgot my wedding ring. When we got back to the car I realized it wasn’t there. My heart sank, I thought the ring would be lost forever.”

Fortunately, Steve was there. The grooms told the concierge at the hotel what had happened and he immediately called a metal detector: “Richard gave me a very good indication of where his wedding ring was and as soon as I started looking for it, I located it in no more than ten minutes,” Andrews closed.

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