Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation approves transparency reforms

In a mixed meeting, he also supported the initiative’s opinion

The Commission on Science, Technology and Innovation, chaired by Representative Javier Joaquín López Casarín (PVEM), approved the reforms to the Basic Law of the National Council for Science and Technology, in terms of transparency.

In addition, he supported the views on the initiative reforming the Federal Law on Communications and Broadcasting, and the General Law on Social Communication.

In a semi-present meeting, he unanimously approved, with some modifications, the draft reforming and adding Articles 5, 7 and 8 of the Organic Law of the National Council for Science and Technology, signed by PAN Deputy, Ana Maria Balderas Trejo.

Representative Lopez Casarin explained that the opinion indicates that it is possible to regulate the publication of the minutes and the meaning of the votes drawn from the sessions of the Board of Directors of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONASET), in order to comply with the mandates on transparency and accountability.

The opinion also unanimously supported initiating a draft decree to amend Articles 226 and 251 of the Federal Law on Communications and Broadcasting, and 15 of the General Law on Social Communication. Purpose: for public bodies to take advantage of the official times to disseminate the content of scientific, human and technological innovation.

Lopez Casarín said it aligns with the initiative’s goals of recognizing the importance of including scientific, humanistic, innovative, technological or social topics in radio programming, as well as promoting the intent to incorporate content that stimulates the knowledge of girls, boys and boys. teenagers.

Via the digital platform, a deputy in favor of this initiative, Maria Eugenia Hernández Pérez (Morena), thanked the work done in the opinion and said that the Governing Committee would have more elements to analyze this proposal, which seeks to bring science closer to society through the use of formal tenses.

Also from the digital platform, legislator Martin Sandoval Soto (Morena) said, “This proposal contributes to educating and strengthening the community’s interest in science. We believe it is important to propose the use of state and broadcast times in radio and television times in this work.”

Congresswoman Araceli Celestino Rozas (PT) noted that the initiative helps the right to science continue to be promoted for its full enjoyment, which is why it is essential that we “build policies that allow the enjoyment of this right through various laws.”

Through a digital platform, legislator Ector Jaime Ramírez Barba (PAN) has welcomed the fact that official time is used in the interest of science. By affirmative vote we support the intent of the law. We agree that revealing and disseminating science is an essential part because, in addition to being a product, it can also be an input.”

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