Conclusions of the Fourth Meeting of Ancestral Medicine of Abia Yala


The Ancestral Healers/Healers and Physicians/Doctors, members of the Abiya Yala Indigenous Ancestral Medicine Board, gathered at the 4th meeting held in Tilcara, Jujuy Province, Argentina, on 7, 8, 9 and 10 October 2021, citing Apus, Illas, Wakas Sacred, Ancestors, Kuifí Keché, Animals and Plants of Power, Our Father Sun, Mother Earth, Mother Water, Father Fire, all cosmic and metaphysical entities and the four directions, we conclude the following:

Grandfather Josefina Prieto de Joy, Andean Region Guide

1) Indigenous ancestral medicine is a deep and complex scientific knowledge that integrates a system of integral cosmic balance, which must be valued and respected. –

2) Each region and area presents its own medicines with its own characteristics associated with the requirements of the gems that inhabit there and that must be protected and disseminated. –

3) The first law of ancestral medicine is brotherly love, self-love, society, everything that surrounds us (Muni). Love embodied in physical, mental and spiritual well-being, directed towards Somak Kaosai, Soma Qamana, Kum Munjin, a good life in harmony with the universe.

4) We will continue to implement actions aimed at knowledge and recognition of Aboriginal ancestral medicine, ancestral healers/healers, and multicultural health centers. As well as traditional midwives/midwives, their work, practices, medications, and protocols. –

5) It was agreed to hold the Fifth Apia Ayala Ancestral Medicine Meeting for 2022 in the Republic of Colombia. –


We are grateful to all the brothers and sisters who participated in person or virtually in this new encounter, which took place in times of the partial resumption of activities suspended by the pandemic, for their courage and willingness to reach Tilcara via the rivers, and to avoid the difficulties of controlling traffic. We continue to work, awakening ancestral identity and decolonization through Abya Yala Indical Ancestral Medicine.

Haylli! Jallalla! Marichiwew! Jalana! Juyay! Aguyjevete! Tlazocamati!

Signatures: 1) Taita Shanti (Santiago Ague Mendoza) Yarrow Town, Peru; 2) Apu Amauta Victor Machaca Quispe, Aymara People, EP Bolivia; 3) Mama Kantuta Killa (Mariel Camillo) Quechua People, Argentina; 4) Taita Warri Remachi (Javier Rios) Quechua people, Argentina, 5) Lonco Oscar Farias, Mapuche people, Argentina.

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