Why is it important to eat carbohydrates? Here we explain it to you


keep your balanced diet It requires the consumption of everything food groups In the scale just to be able to get all Nutrients Essential for day after day, if I take care of you feed And with your health, you know the importance of getting it vitamins And metal, but what about carbohydrates? That group of nutrients that often suffer from the stigma of being unhealthy; Well, here we will explain why Importance Consume it and what is yours Job inside the body.

What are carbohydrates?

The carbohydrates son biomolecules which consists of elements such as carbon, The hydrogen and the OxygenThese are the ingredients that we can find most often Nutrients, however it can also contain other elements such as nitrogen, The matches or the match; Also known as carbohydratesAnd carbohydrates And sugars.

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