Construction workers set up a dead end ladder and it goes viral

Construction workers set up a dead end ladder and it goes viral

in social networks made Widely A video clip, where you can see a poorly executed construction, due to the fact that the staircase of the house was weak, because it hits the wall.

During tik tokuser @crissparedes01 took it upon himself to share two videos, in which the poor work process is observed.

– “We don’t know where it will go down,” a man was heard saying

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– “Hey, Chai, where are the people going? What have you done?” Said the person who recorded the video.

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Original sound – Criss Paredes 01

Finally, in the second and final video, the final construction is noted; However, she exposed the workers’ fault, as it hits a wall and the next staircase has a handrail that prevents people from passing through there.

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Original sound – Criss Paredes 01

The video has so far garnered more than two million views, with nearly 50,000 “likes” and nearly 750 comments from users who took the opportunity to criticize the fact.

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“There is no support, it is only fixed, and therefore, it will not bear so many loads, that the masonry can collapse,” “It would have been cheaper to make a spiral staircase from scratch,” “Obviously a temporary staircase until the arrival of the inspector from the municipality. You would have come out. of metal and then sell scrap,” one of the most prominent comments by netizens.

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