COP26 chief apologizes in tears over climate summit outcome (video)



November 14, 2021 05:50 GMT

At the last minute, China and India insisted on amending part of the text of the agreement that called for a “phasing out” of coal use, putting the entire climate initiative into question.

The head of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Alok Sharma, could not hold back his tears this Saturday and apologized to delegates for the results of COP26, whose final approval included last-minute changes to coal use. The main points of the summit.

“Let me just say to all delegates that I apologize for how this process has unfolded and I am deeply sorry for it,” Sharma said. “I also understand the deep disappointment, but I think, as you indicated, I am too It is imperative that we protect this set of “measures”added.

At the last stage, climate summit participants backed away from their call to end the use of coal and eliminate fossil fuel subsidies altogether.

Thus, in the final proposition, the clause “phasing outCoal and fossil fuel subsidies have been replaced bygradual reduction“At the insistence of China and India, the fossil fuel exporting countries that opposed this unconditional demand.

The question of how to address the continued use of fossil fuels, which is largely responsible for global warming, was one of the main points of friction during these two weeks of dialogue.

“How can anyone expect developing countries to make promises on eliminating fossil fuel subsidies?” Indian Environment Minister Bhubandar Yadav asked in his address on Saturday. Poverty Reduction“.

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