Countries of the world that have nuclear warheads (Russia, the United States, China …): how many have


According to a report by the Stockholm Peace Research Center, SIPRI, There are 13,080 warheads or nuclear warheads distributed in nine countries in the world800 less than two years ago, and 400 less than a year ago.

Topping the list are the United States and Russia, which owns 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons, and both are signatories to the New START Treaty in April 2010, the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Reduction and Reduction Measures (New START) signed in 201, but did not specify the total stockpiles of nuclear warheads. what is the point It is the limitation of resources in strategic offensive weapons. A clear step for global security.

Countries in the world with the largest number of nuclear warheads

United State: 5550; 1,800 deployed warheads and warheads on missiles or on bases with active forces; and 3,750 warheads that are stocked or in reserve and are decommissioned pending decommissioning.

Russia: 6255; Publishing 1625 and 4630 have been withdrawn or stored.

United kingdom: The British government announced in 2010 that its stockpile of nuclear weapons would not exceed 225 warheads. In 2021, the data was updated to 260 warheads. 120 are published, 105 are stored or retired.

France: 290 warheads. 280 have been posted and 10 are stocked or withdrawn.

North Korea: The figures for North Korea are unconfirmed, there are media outlets claiming that it has up to 30 nuclear warheads. The Stockholm Authority believes the number will be a maximum of 50. There is no public evidence available that North Korea has produced an operational nuclear warhead to be delivered by an ICBM, but it may have a few ballistic warheads for its intermediate range. During 2020, it conducted no nuclear or long-range ballistic missile tests, and continued to produce fissile material and develop short and long-range ballistic missiles.

Israel: 80 to 90 nuclear warheads.

India: 156 nuclear warheads. It is investing in military technology.

Pakistan: 165 nuclear warheads. It is expanding its nuclear arsenal.

China350 nuclear warheads. Its nuclear arsenal appears to have been strengthened and signs of expansion are emerging.

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