Countries that will disappear according to the United Nations

Countries that will disappear according to the United Nations

Kiss Climate change Who lives on this planet, there are many effects that have caused problems for the development of life. Recently, the United Nations (United nations) in the order warning of “unimaginable” consequences such as the complete disappearance of some countriesif the world does not move immediately.

Through ministerial discussion of the highest decision-making body in United nationswhere the subject Climate change and its direct repercussions seait was warned that, by rising too high, it could threaten lives, communities and Countries all. Find out which ones are most at risk.

It was the Secretary-General of the United Nations himself, António Guterres, who indicated in his address to the Security Council that even if the world manages to limit the rise in global temperature to 1.5°C by the end of the century, the level of sea It will rise significantly, which will have direct repercussions on international peace and security, since many countries and cities in risk.

Elevation level sea threatens lives and puts risk Access to water, food and health services. (…) and higher level sea It threatens the existence of some societies and even some of them countries Antonio Guterres said.

The warning is serious because if the temperature rises to 2°C, it is overheating sea It will double, Guterres said, and as a result, “the risk will be particularly serious for the approximately 900 million people living in low-lying coastal areas, that is, one in 10 of the planet’s population.”

Countries that may disappear due to sea level rise according to the United Nations

Among the areas that are in the largest risk due to the increase in level sea The Mekong Rivers are found in Vietnam or the Ganges River India And Bangladesh, because before salt water enters these ecosystems, they will become uninhabitable places. In the same way, Countries how China also Hollandthey will also be in case to threaten.

Some of the largest cities may also have serious repercussions such as Cairo, Lagos, Maputo, Bangkok, Dhaka, Jakarta, Mumbai, Shanghai, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

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Among action actions to deal with this problem, the UN Secretary-General emphasized three areas: addressing the origin of sea level rise due to the climate crisis; implement strategies that end poverty, discrimination, inequality, and human rights violations; As well as improving forecasting and early warning systems to prepare and protect vulnerable communities.

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