What are the states and cities threatened by blizzards in the United States? How long will they last?

(CNN Spanish) – A new storm threatens to bring rain and snow to the western United States on Friday and Saturday, prompting rare blizzard warnings in California.

Below is a review of the places that will be affected in the next few hours.


Almost everyone in California will be able to see snow from sometime later this week if they look in the right direction. According to Daniel Swain, a climatologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. “Snowfall (fall) in California’s major cities is still very unlikely, but it will decrease somewhat,” he explained.

For example, the Sierra Nevada Mountains can record an accumulation of up to 1.8 ounces of snow from Friday through Saturday.

Below is a summary of the warnings by county.

St. Bernardine

The National Weather Service in San Diego issued a blizzard warning for the first time, noting that mountains in San Bernardino County could accumulate 1 to 1.5 meters of snow by Saturday morning.

Los Angeles and Ventura

“This storm system will be unusually cold, and snow levels will be very low. In fact, areas very close to the Pacific coast and inland valleys also that are not used to seeing snow, may see some ice,” the National Weather Service said early Friday.

Conditions are expected to begin to improve by Friday night as the storm moves south.


In Nevada, a Blizzard Warning has been issued for northwest Nye County and will remain in effect through early Saturday.

The Meteorological Service warned that “heavy snowfall and winds of up to 97 km/h will result in zero visibility.”

With reporting by CNN’s Aya El Amrousy, Rob Shackelford, Elizabeth Wolfe, and Joe Sutton.

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