COVID-19 recovery in Germany Transmission tests

COVID-19 recovery in Germany Transmission tests

Germany faces a Fourth wave of COVID-19 With daily records Dropp off Under the situation contradictory A working government, part of which is already working opposing forceThe future coalition is still in the process of being formed and is testing its first working guidelines.

Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel launched another alert call In two directions, to the political establishment and to their fellow citizens, given the recovery of injuries and after recording the sixth consecutive maximum of cumulative injury, 277.4 cases in seven days and 100 thousand residents.

The Federal Executive He said regional powers should “move very quickly”, by a video message To the citizens and in light of the meeting he will chair next Thursday with the leaders of the 16 federal states. He said it was necessary to take “smart measures” to “break the wave of infection” before winter.

Besides calling for political cohesion, Merkel He again pleaded to get a vaccination, which he had not yet done, and to speed up the dose of soda, for those responsible for regulating it. He added that the development in recent months had been “disappointing”, referring to the vaccination stagnation in Germany, where only 67.5 percent of citizens have full guidance.

Merkel’s message comes at a time Alert alike between the health sector, experts and even the media, who daily praise “miracles” – a term used by both the thriller “Bild” and the weekly “Der Spiegel”, in Spanish or Portuguese, with Vaccination rates Higher, normal public life and more efficient public health than German.

Germany is in a similar situation to Other Central European Countries, with a high percentage of citizens reluctant to vaccinate, and at the same time, suffering from a malicious fourth wave of infection. While some partners point to a new curfew or detention of non-vaccinated residents, as suggested AustriaBerlin is still shy.

Neither the outgoing Merkel government nor the coalition the Social Democrats want to lead Olaf Schulze With the Greens and the Liberals, they are considering the introduction of compulsory vaccination even in the most sensitive professional sectors.

New closings for Public life on a national scale, although some regional governments are already implementing more or less stringent restrictions and increasing pressure on the unvaccinated, who are excluded from access to bars, restaurants and other closed spaces.

. future alliance Schulz A few days ago, he submitted to the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) an anti-epidemic bill that must be approved Next week for that camera, where this hypothetical alliance still enjoys the necessary majority.

The project was rated inadequate by experts, because Do not include drastic measures. Outgoing Health Minister Jens Spahn, as well as the head of the conservative group in the Bundestag, Ralph Brinkhaus, criticized him sharply, while the Green Party reminded them that they are still in office and therefore working in theory.

The language of unwanted characters

While the conservative bloc Merkel He begins to act as the opposition and Schultz, the outgoing Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister, begins negotiating it. coalitionThe numbers show there’s no time to lose.

Germany informed this Saturday Sixth in a row max Of the accumulated cases, 277.4 cases in seven days and 100 thousand people. On Friday, the level was still at 263.7 cases, a week ago it was at 183.7 and a month ago at 65.4 weekly cases.

The The number of injuries In one day it was 45 thousand and 81, which is somewhat lower than the absolute maximum on Friday, with 50 thousand and 196 cases, but it is clearly higher than the previous Saturday, with 34 thousand cases.

There is also strong progress of deaths caused by or associated with COVID-19, with 228 deaths this Saturday, compared to 142 a week ago.

The situation is dire in two states in the east of the country, Thuringia and Saxony, with 514.4 and 620.7 cases, respectively.

employment BavariaIn the South, this factor is 478.7 infections in seven days and per 100,000 inhabitants. the authorities Bavarian Regionals They are considering putting severe restrictions on non-vaccinated citizens, as other European countries are adopting.

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