Cows invade the Bolivian streets. Four people were injured


more than one Dozens of cows were wild in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and for Less than four people were injured, according to local reports.

In a video taken by a person passing the area, an animal can be seen crashing into a small, trying to avoid influence.

what a total 17 cows were successfully captured after a few hours They have started running through the city, according to the Bolivian media.

Why were there cows on the streets of Bolivia?

Despite the strange fact, It is not yet known where the cows that invaded the streets came from.

Some local media reported who were traveling in a cattle truck They were due to be taken to the slaughterhouse when the driver made a poor maneuver that allowed it can be reduced.

As they say it The driver was arrested and charged with dangerous driving s infection guilty.

Meanwhile, Mayor Johnny Fernandez mentioned That the company will be punished Responsible for Bs 500 (approx. ( 1,500 pesos) for each cow If repeated, the fine shall be doubled.

This isn’t the first time this species has roamed the streets of Bolivia’s city; A few days ago there was a similar event when Two cows ran away and ran over four people.

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