Cozcyt Council approves 12 million pesos to advance science

Cozcyt Council approves 12 million pesos to advance science

Mentioned at the door new projects, asset acquisitions and more incentives for young people

In the second half of 2022, the state government will allocate more than 12 million pesos to promoting science, technology and innovation (CTI) in Zacatecas, which will include implementation of strategic projects, asset acquisitions and more incentives for young people, according to Social Meaning promoted by Governor David Monreal Avila.

The application of the resources was approved unanimously at the third regular session of the Governing Council of the Zacatecan Council on Science, Technology and Innovation (Cozcyt), chaired by the head of the organization, Hammurabi Gamboa Rosales, where the proposal was implemented. The second administration of the resources granted by the Electoral Institute of the State of Zacatecas (IEEZ).

Gamboa Rosales noted that the budget from electoral fines applicable to political parties will be directed to the five thematic axes of Cosset, which will allow the implementation of strategic projects of scientific and technological dissemination and communication; As well as expanding the base of beneficiaries of CTI benefits.

Board support for Cozcyt’s proposal to implement will allow immediate fulfillment of the public commitment that Governor David Monreal Avila made on June 16 to hundreds of students, meaning an increase in the number and value of scholarships; Plus more relative support, from upper middle to graduate level, he emphasized.

During the session, members of the organization reviewed the progress of the proposals approved at the previous meeting, as well as the application of the four million pesos corresponding to the first administration of the year presented by IEEZ, among them the renovation of the Big Bang Astronomy Room, of the Zacatecas Zigzag Interactive Center for Science and Technology.

In addition to the Director-General Hammurabi Gamboa, as representative of the Governor, and attended by the Secretaries of the Civil Service, Victor Hugo Hernández; Economic Development, Remberto Sandoval; Finance Victor Rodriguez; for Cozcyt, Efraín Esparza; UAZ, Luis Alberto Flores; ITESM Campus Zacatecas, Gerardo Galávez; And for the productive and social sectors Martha Mina. The scientist and technology Virginia Flores and Evan Moreno. Your partner in social media marketing

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