Ear, Nose and Throat Emergency Manual – Articles

The Interpharm Laboratory is pleased to provide you electronically this scientific work entirely carried out in Ecuador. The work we propose is very useful for the daily practice of doctors across the country.

an introduction:

The purpose of writing this Emergency and Emergency Manual in OtolaryngologyHer main idea was to let my experiences, guides and experiences as a specialist be reflected in his pages to pass them on to all Ecuadorean doctors who need in one way or another to deepen their knowledge of the region. General practitioners, pediatricians, rural doctors and medical students are the primary source of advice in this type of operation and they must diagnose and treat detailed diseases.

The goal is to turn it into a useful tool in the teaching and learning process for undergraduate and graduate students in medical classes and schools throughout Ecuador. To enhance the experience, this version of the book contains 16 instructional and practical videos that serve the reader as audiovisual support for the theory and cases presented.


Fernando Serrano Almeida.
Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist from Paulista Medical College, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Eugenio Espego Specialist Hospital for 30 years. 20 years of specialization in private practice. 10 years Head of the Otolaryngology Service at the Eugenio Espejo Hospital. Former Head of the Electrophysiology Service at the Otorhinolaryngology Hospital Eugenio Espejo. Associate Professor of Otolaryngology Chair, Central University of Ecuador. Former Vice President of the College of Physicians Pichincha. Former Vice President of the Academy of Otolaryngology, Quito.

Esteban Serrano Almeida
MD from the Central University of Ecuador. Facts specialist in otolaryngology. The Otolaryngologist has been treating the Eugenio Espego Hospital for 30 years. 5 years Head of the Otolaryngology Service at Eugenio Espego Hospital. Otolaryngologist at the Skull Base Department at Eugenio Espejo Hospital. Professor of Otolaryngology, Central University of Ecuador. Former coordinator of the second postgraduate course in Otolaryngology at the Central University of Ecuador. Former President of the Ecuadorean Academy of Otolaryngology

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