Cozcyt supports women in science

Cozcyt supports women in science

Hammurabi Gamboa Rosales, Director General of the Zacatecan Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (Cozcyt), stated that as part of the new public policy implemented in the state, the inclusion of women in science is essential.

“As of today, Cozcyt is putting the gender lens on ending inequality and developing programs for specific solutions to the problems plaguing Zacatecas’ residents,” he said.

She stated that additional incentives will be provided to educational institutions and 4.0 companies that create job opportunities for them, during the Women in Science Forum.

He stressed that there is “outrageous” data, as only 34.7 percent of people in Zacatecas are women; that only 3 percent of women complete a career related to science, technology and innovation; And only 36 percent of girls complete their basic education. “In these numbers, there is no fairness or equality,” he said.

Faced with this reality, the director of Cozcyt stated that the council wants to “cooperate to smooth the sticky floors and glass ceilings that limit women’s participation in science. This is why we will provide procedures, programs, scholarships, training and support where the activities, schedules, and responsibilities of women in the science sector are taken into account.” and academic in mind, so you can participate without restrictions.”

“We will foster a culture that helps counter stereotypes, barriers, outdated practices and prejudices that prevent substantive equality in our sector, made up of academia, research centers, technology companies, and government institutions, with the aim of opening up work, research, study and access to decision-making areas for Zacatecan women.”

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