Jaime Rodriguez “El Bronco” has been hospitalized with health problems

Jaime Rodriguez “El Bronco” has been hospitalized with health problems

Former Governor of Nuevo Leon, Jaime Rodriguez “The Bronco”I entered on Saturday Metropolitan Hospital of MonterreyAfter being transferred from Apodaca prison where he was held for several weeks.

Rodriguez Calderon was taken to hospital on Saturday afternoon, after suffering complications in his health, due to an injury diverticulitis He suffered for a long time, exacerbated when he was admitted three weeks ago to Prison 2 in Apodaca.

His defense requested the temporary departure of the “Bronco” to receive treatment for his health condition, after suffering a heart attack stomach problem At the beginning of the hearing until the Public Prosecution office informs him of the charges against him for the alleged abuse of power through the confiscation of Ecovía. The jurisprudence procedures were postponed to resume next Monday.

The Broncos’ defense asserts that the former 2018 presidential candidate is ill, exhibiting health problems such as dizziness.

No health improvement

On Friday night, he was visited in prison by the former Minister of Health, Manuel de la O’Cavazos; But because he supposedly showed no improvement, he was asked to be transferred to the Metropolitan Hospital where he was admitted this afternoon.

Later, his wife, Adalina Dávalos Martínez, arrived at the hospital to accompany him and find out his condition, but she stated in an annoyed tone that the staff commented that “by order”, they could not give him information, register in it, and expressed that it was a clear violation of human rights.

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On March 17, Dr. Manuel de la O’Cavazos attended Apodaca prison For an examination on Jaime Rodriguez, accompanied by a gastroenterologist, Carlos Elizondo, and at the insistence of representatives of the press, commented that the former governor was “sensitive”.

Subsequently, the defense of former Governor Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, based on what was expressed by the former president himself, considered that his transfer to hospital was unnecessary, for various studies, in order to treat him from the problem of diverticulitis and possible lumbar radiculopathy. That is, an injury to the spine.

at Interview After visiting “El Bronco” in Prison 2 of Apodaca, attorney Gabriel García Pérez confirmed that on Tuesday – at 7:56 pm – doctors from the Ministry of Health came to examine the former governor, due to the discomfort of Rodriguez Calderon is indicated, and was Announced by Dr. Manuel de la O’Cavazos, on March 17, after the visit of the former president, with gastroenterologist Carlos Elizondo.

Rodriguez Calderon was able to “make history” by being the first independent to win an election in the country’s modern life.

The Broncos were arrested.

Former Governor of Nuevo Leon, Jaime Rodriguez Calderon “El Bronco”On Tuesday, March 15th, he was arrested in General Tiran municipality in the citrus region of the state, on charges of improper use of public resources to collect signatures, which allowed him to obtain the presidential candidacy by independent means for the federal elections. .2018.

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