Crazy: Police alerted about what they found inside Halloween candy | News from Mexico


Ohio. A boy found something the police described ascrazyinside your sweets Halloween.

According to the authorities, the little boy found a sewing needle stuck inside a chocolate Kitkat.

Seriously modified sweets are found in Fostoria, a city about 40 miles south of Toledo, on Saturday, the Fostoria Police Division reported Sunday.

This discovery alerted the police.

“Although we only realize that there are two types of sweets, we take that very seriously and are horrified that someone is crazy enough to harm the children of our community,” Leader Keith Loreno said in a written statement.

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They ask to bring sweets to the hospital

While the boy who reported the tampered chocolate told police he received it while placing an order in the North Union, Summit and Rock street area, authorities said the exact street it was distributed on is unclear.

We’ve all heard about this kind of thing happening, but having someone do it in our community is really annoying! “

Both the police and ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital They advised parents to bring any candy their children got to the hospital for X-rays to look for possible metallic objects.

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