Critical medicine specialist talks about children’s immediate return to school – Gaceta de Tamaulipas


By Jose Gregorio Aguilar

CD Victoria, Tamaulipas: Tamaulipas Medical School has announced itself for the immediate return to face-to-face basic education classes for basic education students.

The head of the school, Jorge Rosendo Sanchez Medina, considered that returning to the classroom represented more benefits than risks, especially with regard to children’s mental health.

The critical medicine specialist noted that what should be a priority in schools is to maintain control measures to prevent infection and the spread of the virus; And while all the elements of Covid-19 prevention are in place, the campus must be open to students.

Staying in the home or distance learning method can have more impacts on students’ health. Children need to mingle, interact, coexist and have a face-to-face teacher so that they can improve their learning.

“I think it’s essential that kids go to school, they can’t stay out of it anymore; for mental health, they need to socialize and interact and develop, as we have all done, so I see calculating risk with benefit, the benefit being greater than the risk. They have to go to school. School, of course, by all means.”

Regarding the votes asking the government of Mexico to also vaccinate children before requesting a full return to the classroom face to face, the doctor emphasized that the World Health Organization does not in fact consider it necessary to vaccinate minors as an element that helps reduce infection or end the epidemic.

“Unlike first world countries that have a budget to vaccinate children, they invented vaccines and they can do that, because they can vaccinate all their children, but in fact the World Health Organization does not put it as a condition to get out of this epidemic,” Jorge Rosendo Sanchez noted.

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