Cuba’s state electric company forecasts a maximum deficit of 15% on Wednesday

company The state of electricity in Cuba It is expected this Wednesday rush hours a inability 15 percent In obstetric availability, slightly down compared to the previous day.

He explained that the availability during peak hours is 2,558 MW and the expected maximum demand is 2,950 MW, with the expected deficit being 392 MW. electrical union (UNE).

The company also reported that service was affected on Tuesday “24 hours a day” due to a lack of capacity.

In July, blackouts were recorded on 29 of the 31 days, according to data from UNE compiled by Efe.

Frequent power outages for months are causing social unrest in the country. Analysts say the blackout was one reason for the massive anti-government protests last year.

In recent days, they have sparked protests in several locations in the country, such as on Monday in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, the country’s second-largest city, and the second on Tuesday in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba. Havana.

According to the government, the supply cuts are due to plant failures – almost outdated and underserved – and a lack of fuel for distributed generation and scheduled maintenance.

Cuba relies heavily on foreign oil for energy production (thermoelectric plants generate two-thirds of the electricity) and its main supplier, Venezuela, has significantly reduced its shipments.

The Cuban government aspires to reduce this dependency and has a plan so that by 2030, 37 percent of the energy mix (just over 3,500 megawatts) will come from renewable sources.

With information from EFE

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