Dairo Moreno will leave Bucaramanga for the USA

Dairo Moreno will leave Bucaramanga for the USA

greatest character BucaramangaAnd the Dairo Morenoat the national and international levels. Squad American Join the fight for the 37-year-old striker.

All Colombian football fans thought the former Wan Caldas player was between Atletico Nacional and América de Cali, but now some Colombian media They report that Dayro will have everything in order with the New England of the MlAnd the A team looking for a prominent place in football in that country. (See also: ‘You like Nacional so much’: Nacional players to DT from La Equidad, before the match)

On the other hand, Bucaramanga and its surroundings are waiting for what will happen with its record player, who since his arrival has made Bucaros a competitive club. In the second half of the BetPlay League, Moreno collected 9 goals, taking a place among the best players in the tournament, despite the fact that his club was already eliminated.

Dairo Moreno’s approach to the MLS is a clear slap on the wrist for the Colombian teams that have not offered talks with the protagonist, Although this gunner has a certain affection for Nacional, and is interested in wearing America’s jacketYou wouldn’t do anything about it without seeing the coffee teams’ attention. (You may be interested: Problems arose for Santa Fe and Melonarius for the home run: changes are evaluated)

In financial terms, the 37-year-old will get a crazy salary, and this is according to the same Colombian media that published the news of the Americans’ interest in the Colombian, Beluca will get double his salary in Bucaramangawhich will encourage the player to sign for New England, the club that dreams of greatness in MLS.

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