Deals: When will the next Steam sales be? The dates have already been leaked


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steam It has become the leading PC gaming platform for many reasons. One of them is that Valve is partnering with different companies to offer seasons of deals at crazy prices. If you are a fan of Steam sales, you should know that we already know when the next sale will take place.

What happens is that, According to information from SteamDBThe following Steam sales are already dated. This is the 2021 Halloween Sale; Fall 2021 and Winter 2021, which will guarantee hundreds of PC games at very attractive prices.

According to the source, these will be the dates for the upcoming Steam sales

  • Halloween Sale 2021 – October 28 – November 1
  • Autumn Sale 2021 – from November 24 to November 30
  • Winter Sale 2021 – December 22 – January 5

We remind you that this information comes from a reliable source, so it is realistic that the next Steam sales will be on these dates. Of course, keep in mind that there is always the possibility of a last-minute change.

At LEVEL UP, we’ll be up to date and let you know when the next Steam Deals start.

Do you save money to go crazy with Steam sales? What game are you hoping to sell? Tell us in the comments.

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