Delay of more than 5 hours at the start of the Easter holiday – El Financiero

Delay of more than 5 hours at the start of the Easter holiday – El Financiero

Like every peak season, Mexico City International Airport (AICM) exhibits programming delays in its operations, and this Easter holiday eve. Flight delays can exceed 5 hours, according to a review by Finance.

Meanwhile, according to records flywareFlight tracker, during this Friday At least 340 flights to and from AICM were delayed.

An example of delayed flights is Volaris 758, which will take off at 8:01 to Merida airport, but now, as scheduled in the airline’s flight schedule, will depart until 12:31 on Saturday. , delayed arrival 4:30 Around 2:28 a.m.

Other delayed flights included 577 also from Volaris, which were scheduled to leave Mexico City at 5:10 p.m. for Monterrey, But this still does not take off. According to the Volaris status system, this flight will take off at 10:10 at night, 5 hours late.

Likewise, Viva Aerobus Flight 1040 to Cancun has a delay of 3 hours 54 minutes: the departure is budgeted at 8:45 at night, but is now scheduled to take off at 00:39 on Saturday.

Flight 1108 from Viva Aerobus, bound for Merida, accumulates a delay of one hour.

Aeroméxico also offers operation delays of more than 3 hours. Flight 320, bound for Tuxtla Gutierrez, was delayed by 3 hours 31 minutes, so it is expected to take off at 9:36 PM.

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