Video: Woman explodes in front of her injured boyfriend because she doesn’t want to give him a cell phone code | News from Mexico

Colombia: one A woman was angry at her injured boyfriend for not giving her a cell phone code even kicked Ambulance It would convey him, a fact that was recorded in Cali, Colombia.

The recording, which has spread on social networks, shows how The young woman wanted to “confirm infidelity.”And you, too Password is required From the mobile device to the boyfriend who was Seriously injured the top of the unit.

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“I’m driving because you have to give me the key,” the injured couple shouted at a paramedic.

Why do you want a cell phone key?

In the video, the young woman asks for the key to unlock the young man’s cell phone because He argues that he had sexual relations with the neighbour.

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After a long discussion with a paramedic and a police officer who was at the scene, The woman was taken out of the ambulancean event praised by witnesses, who told him to wait at least to be treated by paramedics.

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