Diana Morrant visits Ascires Universitats Clinic and IBQuaes

Diana Morrant visits Ascires Universitats Clinic and IBQuaes

Ascires Biomedical Group CEO, Lorena Saus; Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morante. And director of medical care at Ascires Grupo Biomédico, Jose Ferrer.

The Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morantehas seen first-hand the activity in medical biotechnology by the group Mountsspecifically in Asker Universitates Clinic (Valencia) and the Quaes Biomedical Institute of the Quaes Foundationand facilities you visited that you were interested in.

He accompanied the minister during the visit Lorena Saus, CEO of Ascires Biomedical Group Member of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Quaes; and by Jose Ferrer, Medical Director of Ascires and a member of the Fundación Quaes Board of Trustees. This biomedical group is a leading company in Spain in Diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicineit stands out Radiation oncology.

Develop your business for Public and private hospitalsas well as in its own network of Biomedical clinics in the region of Valencia and Cataloniaand focuses on customized precision medicine, particularly on the development of AI biomarkers and diagnostic algorithms, which integrate genomic, clinical and data from Diagnostic imaging.

An innovative technology that Secretary Morant wanted to see firsthand. The visit started in Quaes Institute of BiomedicineTraining specialist Genomics, diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, big data, and neuroimagingto attend a presentation of the activity of the Ascires Biomedical Group, the Quaes Foundation and IBQuaes Then a meeting was held with my representatives Valencia Parkinson’s Association.

Recent advances in diagnostic imaging

Later, Minister Morant visited the genomic analysis laboratory where there are courses such as Fetal biopsy, the only one in Spain with a university accreditation. The visit continued with the Diagnostic Imaging Simulator, which is the only center in Europe that has this technology for accurate training Diagnostic imagingsimulating patients in Magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography.

After that, Diana Morant visited lAscires Universitats Biomedical Clinic, specialized in Neurology Which has a leading team at the international level in Neuro-HIFU . Technology. Work on biomarkers and data processing, with development requests specific biomedical algorithms, Especially in areas such as Neurology and Cardiology. With regard to diseases, aspects that were “unthinkable” a few years ago are precisely quantified.

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