Multidimensional Rage Quiz is trending with the solid science behind it on TikTok

Multidimensional Rage Quiz is trending with the solid science behind it on TikTok


Throughout TikTok’s relatively short history, a number of different quizzes and quizzes have spread across the platform. Recently, a new test called Multidimensional Rage Test is all the rage on the platform, and users are sharing the results. Naturally, this has led many to question what the test is and how they can participate in the trend themselves.

What is the multidimensional rage test on TikTok?

The Multidimensional Anger Test is actually based on some solid science and builds on the work of Dr. Judith M. Siegel. The test is designed to map each person’s experience of anger along “multiple experimental dimensions”. Test analyzes and Siegel’s work in general have found it to have good psychometric properties, meaning it has been used frequently in a variety of clinical and research settings.

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Now, testing is hitting the mainstream thanks to TikTok. It turns out that the test is good for not only measuring a person’s exposure to anger, but it also indicates other things such as their general well-being.

The trend on TikTok is to share your test results, no matter how good or bad they are. As a result, getting involved in this direction is quite simple.

How to participate in the Multidimensional Anger Test.

In general, the tendency is to discuss the test and share the results, which may indicate that you are more or less likely to be angry across a wide range of variables from the general public. There are various creative courses you can take on this general concept, but its root is simply taking the test and sharing your results. You can take the test here, but it contains 38 questions so it may take some time to complete.

Although some TikTok trends are not helpful, or potentially harmful, the multidimensional rage quiz may have some positive side effects. If users are unaware that they have an anger problem, this test can provide insight into how exposed they are to emotions. This does not necessarily mean that they are able to solve the problem right away, but awareness is often the first step in finding a solution.

Help 💀💀 I did a multidimensional anger test because I know I get angry easily

– 🔪 CAT GIRL GHOST * ・ ゜ ゚ (GHOST_PHEE) Feb 28, 2022 Source: TwitterTikTok lets people be honest.

The Internet can be a place to hide, but for users who share personal information such as their test results, it can also be a place where they can be candid about certain traits that may not be viewed as entirely positive. Users who share their results are remarkably honest, even if they also disguise that honesty behind a layer of humor.

At its best, a platform like TikTok can encourage users to share and embrace who they are in their entirety. Nobody is perfect, but sharing those most vulnerable parts of yourself can make you more aware of how to keep working on yourself. TikTok isn’t always a great place, but trends like these can really come in handy.


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