The future Minister of Science and Technology noted his work as portfolio chair and Chile’s challenges in this field

At the start of the new season of Tu Nuevo ADN, Andrea Obeid spoke with the future Minister of Science and Technology, Flavio SalazarOn the challenges of the ministry in Chile.

For the new presidential term that will start on March 11, there is an important vision regarding science developmenttechnologies, knowledge and innovation.

In this regard, the President-elect, Gabriel Borich, announced that Funding will increase from 0.36% to 1%of GDP for these aspects.

Under this scenario, Salazar realized that “it is an important challenge that I take humbly but with great enthusiasm (…) there is a beautiful task and We will take the greatest responsibility“.

“There is a need for the country to move to a more diversified production matrix, which improves An economic model that includes science. This demand that comes from the citizens is what we want to turn into a program supported by the president himself.”

“We will make significant efforts to increase resources to advance the development of science and Knowledge is a pillar of the development model“, he added.