Disney actress dies at age 15 from brain tumor


Disney actress He died on Saturday after suffering a brain tumorAccording to the school in Uganda Where did he study.

Nikita Pearl and ElliguaWho appeared in the Disney movie Queen of KatweSince 2016, he’s been turning 15.

The film tells the true story of Fiona Mutisi, who went from living in the slums of Uganda to becoming an international chess star. NEkita played the girlfriend of the main character, Gloria, in the movie.

Nikita’s high school, Gyaza High School, tweeted about her death on Sunday.

“Good luck, Nikita Pearl and Eligua. You loved so many and lost you to a brain tumor at such a thin tooth.” “Rest in complete peace, my dear.”

Queen of Katwe It was also marked with a star Lupita Nyong’o, Who said on Instagram that Nikita played Gloria “with such liveliness”.

“In his real life, he faced the tremendous challenge of fighting brain cancer.”Nyong’o said. “My thoughts and prayers are with their families and their community, because they give in to say goodbye soon.”

David Oyelowo, Who also starred in the movie, wrote on Instagram that Nikita was a “ball of light” both in the film and in life.

“Watching her battle with a brain tumor made you feel very humbled,” Oilo wrote. “His light will live.”

Leona Ciao of CNN contributed to this report.

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