Who killed Sarah? It became the most watched series on Netflix US.


Chilean-created series José Ignacio Valenzuela added, Who Killed Sara? , A new milestone to become the most-watched non-English speaking production on Netflix in the US.

The news was released by the portal Limit, Which reached the numbers for the streaming platform, stating that since its premiere on March 24, about 55 million users have tuned in.

Through your account TwitterNetflix echoed the news. We still don’t know who killed Sarah? But we can calculate that 55 million families enjoyed this mystery in the first four weeks, as they were in the top 10 out of 87 countries, including the United States, Germany, Israel, Brazil and France. “

Jose Ignacio Valenzuela also had words for this through the same platform, saying, “Incredible!”

In addition, he explained, “The shocking thing is that there are 55 million accounts, not people. At home there can be four people associated with the same account … unbelievable.”

This is why our priority for titles in local languages ​​is to have a significant impact on the region of origin, so that we don’t sacrifice local influence from For its survival. “

“But we are seeing more and more that these local addresses find large audiences around the world, which supports our hypothesis that great stories are universal: they can come from anywhere and be loved everywhere,” he added.

Due to its success, the series has already confirmed its second season, which is premiering on May 19.

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